NEW ACCOUNTS - 2 STEPS is wholesale only! We require our customers to be fully efficient through the use of our website for all quotations and ordering processes. If your company cannot meet this requirement, you will lose your discounted price and be reassigned to one of our affiliated companies for retail prices and ordering.

A). You will need to create an online account using your e-mail and a password of your choice: CLICK HERE 

B).  Confirm you are one of the following customer types:

  1. A licensed reseller or distrbutor.
  2. Meet the ordering minimum of $250.00 USD per order, and $5,000.00 USD monthly minimum.  

That's all you need to get started!


  1. The prices on our website are already discounted for resellers. We dont offer manual quotations. Requests for quotations must be made through use of the online shopping cart. Simply select PAYMENT BY CHECK to avoid having to pay online. 
  2. The minimum order value from our website is $250.00 USD; monthly ordering volume minimum $5,000.00. 
  3. We do not accept freight forwarders or freight pick up
  4. We do not have advance knowledge of dimensions or weights for all items. You will need to have familiarity of the product you are ordering to determine weight and dimensions if necessary to quote your customer.
  5. If you want, we can ship to a freight forwarder (we do not allow freight pick up). YOUR FORWARDER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL ICE, STYROFOAM COOLERS, EXPORT REGULATIONS, ETC
  6. Shipping FOB point of origin is 64154 (Kansas City Missouri - USA) or 66044 (Lawrence, Kansas - USA)